Nick Gorini

Vice President and Senior Instructional Designer. He started with Genesis in 2001 as an instructor and designer, developing self-paced paper-based curriculum, training videos, on-the-job training guides, standard operating procedures and quick-reference job aids. He graduated from Evergreen State College with a Bachelors of Creative Writing and has worked for the State of Washington, Intel and The Boeing Company developing innovative training solutions. Since then, he has become a FKA certified Professional Designer, managed diverse, cross-functional teams on a wide variety of projects, and focuses on standardized, cost-effective, data-driven results. Over the last several years, Nick has also created, implemented and supervised strategies for new employee onboarding and future workforce engagement. He is nick-named “Nick-o-pedia” by his coworkers, for his wealth of knowledge about movies, books, music and sports. In his free time he enjoys playing the stand-up bass for various symphonies, going to shows, being a Timbers fan, hiking, and spending time with his wife and two daughters.