Tomasz Kordowski

Tomasz joined Genesis as an Instructional Designer in 2019. His graphic design and multimedia experience includes logos and branding, large-scale banners, operational and technical manuals, Adobe animation and front-end web development. He has run the gamut from social media manager to trade show coordinator, product designer to technical writer, musician to audio engineer. He has also developed his own line of original and custom interactive board games. Tomasz has a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia and Visual Communication, an Associate’s in graphic design, and several certificates in audio recording technology.

Tomasz enjoys long walks in the dog park, retro video games, Frank Zappa on vinyl, and being schooled by his daughter on how hip he isn’t. He plays piano, percussion, and a mean alto recorder, sometimes simultaneously. Favorite flavor: vanilla. Favorite professional wrestler: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Favorite classical composer: Maurice Ravel.