Mike Ward

Senior Instructional Designer, has been with the team since 2004. Mike holds a Masters in Applied Linguistics with a TESOL Teaching Certificate from Portland State University and a Bachelors of Fine Arts with Writing Minor from Rutgers University. He is a FKA certified professional designer. He has a distinct ability to generate and manipulate graphics, images, animations, sound, text and video to create integrated multimedia programs that consistently exceed expectations. This includes story-boarding, directing, shooting, and editing video and creating video and flash-based animations. Among other computer software applications, Mike is fully versed in the Adobe CS5 Master Suite. When he’s wearing his instructional designer hat, he designs and develops content and curriculum products, learning support resources and delivery/assessment methodologies for both print and multimedia applications. Mike’s hobbies include reading (specifically about history, science, and human behavior), camping, rock climbing and skiing. You can also find him making film documentaries and matching wits against his two sons!


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