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Meet the team that represents you!

When you hire Genesis you are hiring a diverse team of creative and dedicated professionals. Each member brings with them a unique perspective, skill-set, and collection of experiences that enables them to easily integrate with your organization to better understand its needs and requirements. As a result, your training solutions are customized, comprehensive and complete!

Greg Grail

CEO and co-founder. Greg is characterized by his peers as a “people person” and “easy to talk to.” This combined with his six years of service in the armed forces and experience in the education system have given him a unique ability to lead as well as understanding the needs of his customers and employees.

Nick Gorini

Vice President and Senior Instructional Designer. He started with Genesis in 2001 as an instructor and designer, developing self-paced paper-based curriculum, training videos, on-the-job training guides, standard operating procedures and quick-reference job aids. He graduated from Evergreen State College with a Bachelors of Creative Writing and has worked for the State of Washington, Intel and The Boeing Company developing innovative training solutions.

Lyndsey Vaughan-Dieter

Operations Director and Senior Instructional Designer, with Genesis since 2002. Her strong project management skills and background working in a variety of different fields including training and development, environmental science, and sales and marketing, gives her a unique ability to integrate with just about any organization and tackle tough business problems.

Mike Ward

Senior Instructional Designer, has been with the team since 2004. Mike holds a Masters in Applied Linguistics with a TESOL Teaching Certificate from Portland State University and a Bachelors of Fine Arts with Writing Minor from Rutgers University. He is a FKA certified professional designer.

Ann Sorenson

Senior Instructional Designer, joined Genesis in 2006 after graduating from Portland State University with a Bachelors of Science in Communications. Since then, she has become a FKA certified professional designer and CTT+ certified instructor.

Maimee Cannariato

Instructional Designer. Maimee joined the GPS team in 2014. She holds a BA in Vocal Performance and is a certified FKA professional designer. In addition to her ability to clearly define the parameters of a project, she has incredible organizational and time management skills. She is an excellent project manager. 

Jill McArthur

Instructional Designer, with Genesis since 2015. Jill received her BA from UC Santa Barbara in Marketing/Communications with a minor in English and is an FKA certified Professional Designer. She came to Genesis after careers with adidas in the creative and marketing group,

Alexis Millen

Instructional Designer, with GPS since 2015. Alexis holds a BA in English, Minor in Writing and is a FKA certified Professional Designer. Her supportive, patient and easy going demeanor makes her a calm voice in a chaotic business environment. 

Tricia Robertson

Office Assistant. Tricia has worked for Genesis since 2015. She is a 35+ year veteran of The Boeing Company, working in their IT department for her last 10 years with the Company. In addition to her exceptional customer service skills, she is organized and creative.

Scott Benjamin

Computing Instructor, with Genesis since 2017. Scott holds a BS in Elementary Education with Grades 6-9 Math and Integrated Science Endorsements, and is a Microsoft Office 2010 Certified Trainer. He has a unique ability to convey technical information in a way that is easy to digest and retain, while putting adult-learners at ease.

Heidi Watts

Instructional Designer, with Genesis since 2018. “Form follows function” is Heidi’s overwhelming life mantra. With a BA in Design and Communications, her curiosity in people, their motivations, and their needs has always driven her creative actions, including health care marketing and owning her own photography studio. 

Tomasz Kordowski

Tomasz joined Genesis as an Instructional Designer in 2019. His graphic design and multimedia experience includes logos and branding, large-scale banners, operational and technical manuals, Adobe animation and front-end web development. He has run the gamut from social media manager to trade show coordinator, product designer to technical writer, musician to audio engineer.

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